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    Skillful Teacher Being A Major Factor in Building Character of Children


    BOGOR CITY-Building character education through teacher training becoming the theme of the 23rd National Teacher's Day (HGN) that falls on Saturday (11/25/2017). HGN memorial ceremony was held at Pajajaran Sport Hall Square, Pemuda Street, Bogor City which was attended by thousands of participants from both teachers and students. All participants solemnly followed a series of activities led by Bogor Mayor Bima Arya as ceremonial inspector.
    Bima said, the theme of HGN 2017 is also closely related to the Implementation of Presidential Regulation No. 87/2017 on Strengthening Character Education which has the meaning of teachers as the main figure in the unit of education. They have the responsibility of shaping the character of the learner through harmonization of the heart, taste, thought and exercise.
    "Urgency of strengthening characters increasingly urgent along with the challenges of the future. Because students are currently the candidate of the Indonesian gold generation in 2045 who must have a provision of the soul of Pancasila, "he said during his speech.
    Strengthening the character of students, continued Bima, must first be played by the teacher by becoming a meaningful person as well as a source of exemplary for students. No doubt, this HGN momentum should also be used as a reflection for teachers whether it is professional enough and an example for their students. However, on the other hand is also a reflection for students whether it is enough to glorify teachers who have educated and formed the character of the nation.
    "For the HGN government to be a strategic evaluation point for policy making. Given the many problems that teachers have not fully addressed. Thus, policies that are and will be implemented should make teachers more competent, professional, protected and prosperous, "he said.
    He added that the welfare of teachers in the form of providing professional allowances for certified teachers, special allowances for teachers who serve in the area as well as teachers who have double skills continue to be a concern. The attention of the Local Government through the provision of additional benefits or innovation policy breakthroughs to teachers will also be highly appreciated.
    "Central government efforts have its limits but through local government policies Alhamdulilah many things can be overcome," he added.
    Head of Education Office (Disdik) Bogor City Fahrudin said, measuring exemplary teachers in the city of Bogor which amounted to 10 thousand according to him is quite good and good. Even so for the slightest deviation of a teacher that must be a service. And any incident outside the city becomes a reminder for the teachers in Bogor City.
    "I always remind teachers if they are emotional should avoid the children, perform ablution and after the new red back to the children. Teacher's job is heavy requires patience and sincerity that is different from other professions, "he explained.
    Regarding the allowance of teachers, he explained, the City Government of Bogor has budgeted Rp 4 billion for honorary teachers K2 in Bogor City. The budget is outside of the funds of the social aid who each month is given Rp. 500 thousand to Rp 600. Not only that, in 2018 Education office will also provide allowance of Rp 200 thousand per month 750 new PAUD teachers in Bogor City.
    "So to upgrade the teacher's compotency is done from sharing side. From training, providing scholarships for paud teachers and through benefits. Although it only helps the municipal government has been paying more attention to the welfare of teachers through the APBD, "he concluded. (fla / senses-SZ)

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