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    Public Work Consecrated Day Born in Gedung Sate


    BANDUNG - Commemoration of Public Works Day (Public Harvest) which is commemorated every December 3, can not be separated from the history of the struggle of Public Works Department employees who are willing to sacrifice their lives in order to maintain Gedung Sate.

    It was December 3, 1945, the Dutch allies attacked and wanted to take over Gedung Sate which at the time is the office of the Ministry of Public Works. But thanks to the resistance and persistence of seven employees of Public Works, Gedung Sate can be maintained. Although in the end the seven employees who are now dubbed Sapta Taruna it must be killed. The names of the seven heroes to this day are immortalized in the monument right in front of Gedung Sate, they are Didik Ardiyanto, Muchtarudin, Suhodo, Rio Susilo, Subengat, Ranu and Suryono.

    To commemorate the seven heroes, every year the Ministry of Public Works perform a prayer together in front of the monument hero Sapta Taruna Gedung Sate which is now the office of West Java provincial government. In addition, in the commemoration of the 72nd Public Work Consecrated Day is also held Gowes PU (Public Work Biking) activities with a starting point at Gedung Sate and finish at the office of the Ministry of Public Work and Housing Jakarta.

    The release of Gowes PU was led by the Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar, on Saturday (25/11/2017) morning, which was attended by 700 participants who are employees and retired of Public Work and Housing Ministry.

    "So it is right in Gedung Sate, history of Public Work that has been 72 years is closely related to gedung sate.If anyone does not know the date of December 3, 1945 there is an invasion of the allied forces that killed 7 employees," said Deddy Mizwar when giving a speech before releasing gowes participants.

    Deddy hopes to the community especially the participants gowes able to emulate the spirit of the hero's struggle Sapta Taruna.

    "I hope we can imitate the spirit of all of them with how we can maintain health, sportsmanship so as to really build the spirit of our own struggle," said Deddy

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