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    HKTI Chairman, Moeldoko Will Encourage Indramayu Farmers To Go Forward


    INDRAMAYU-HKTI General Chairman (Ret.) Moeldoko said that in Sukra Sub-district, Indramayu currently, there are approximately 3,000-4,000 ha of rice harvested.

    As Moeldoko said, in the millenial era, HKTI will also continue to encourage Indramayu farmers to utilize agricultural technology to increase rice productivity in Indramayu.

    Moreover, today many young farmers are also familiar with the gadget. So there's nothing wrong, their handheld gameplay, a search tool for information, or it could be developed an application by certain parties to help develop agriculture.

    In addition, Moeldoko appealed, so farmers keep their land by not using excessive fertilizer, let alone careless. Because good and pure soil will produce good food as well.

    The gratitude harvest activities He said, carried out following the local culture.

    "Before the harvest, the event begins with cutting a piece of rice cone and kendurian with the farmers," said Moeldoko.

    Also present at the harvest thanksgiving event, Member of Commission IV of House of Representatives Ono Surono, and Regent of Indramayu Anna Shopana.

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