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    The Quality of Student-Made Electric Cars Continues to Increase


    BANDUNG - The city of Bandung with many public and private universities was also gave birth to many impressive discoveries, one of which is the success in building a prototype electric car.

    This was conveyed by the Assistant Director of Bandung State Polytechnic Academic Affairs Paula Santirudati in Indonesia Electric Car Competition (KMLI) IX in Bandung Polytechnic, Thursday (23/11).

    "This year the quality is increasing, seen from the cars in the competition, which means that the awareness of students to innovate to make friendly environmental vehicles is increasing," he said.

    General Manager of PT PLN (Persero) West Java Distribution Iwan Purwana revealed PLN as a provider of electricity also supports research efforts and development of electric cars.

    "The existence of PLN here is actually more than just selling electricity, but the use of clean and environmentally friendly energy must have the maximum support from all parties," he said.

    To welcome the era of electric vehicles, one of the real support provided by PLN to succeed the use of electric vehicles in the midst of society, among others by the development of General Electricity Supply Station (SPLU). which is expected to serve the electricity needs of people in public places, such as for the perpetrators of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) or street vendors (PKL) and prevent the occurrence of theft of harmful electricity.

    SPLU operations adopt a prepaid system. To use it, the public needs to fill the pulse (stroom) kWh meter by purchasing an electrical token through Payment Point Online Bank (PPOB), ATM, minimarket, and others by mentioning Customer ID or kWh Meter number listed in SPLU to be used.

    SPLU itself is divided into two types, namely the type of hook that can be found in the poles belonging to PLN, and the type of standing into a separate building. SPLU hook type consists of 2 kWh Meter and each meter has 5,500 VA power while SPLU type standing consists of 4 kWh Meter.jo

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