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    The Role of Blogers in the Age of Mediamorphosis


    Director General of IKP Communications and Informatics Rosita Niken Widya Astuti said more than 2500 people came from all over Indonesia to attend SAIK 2017. In her speech at Flash Blogging Rosita Niken Widya Astuti said the purpose of SAIK is to bring together Communications and Informatics stakeholders starting from government agencies to the information community and bloggers.

    "Blogger is the spearhead of information dissemination, the most active social media activist is the bloggers who can at any time convey information.Recently there is mediamorphosis information is a metamorphisis that changes the culture of people in getting information," said Rosita Niken at Novotel Palembang , Thursday (23/11).

    She explains that before any mediamorphosis this information is first verified and then disseminated through the media. With this mediamorphosis the public may get information coming from unverified sources, she thinks bloggers have ethics in writing and conveying information.

    "Nowadays, information that goes into gadget contains more hoax, hate speech even slander, hence to eliminate the negative content the way is by multiplying positive content from Asian Games 2018 this much we can share information, about sports, preparation of place, athlete, infrastructure and others, "explains Rosita Niken.

    Through Flash Blogging Director General of IKP Communications and Informatics Rosita Niken invites the bloggers to bombard the Indonesian digital media with positive information, hoping to change the horizons of community thinking.

    As a Flash Blogging resource that is divided into 2 sessions is the Deputy Director II of Atlhete Village Department Jakabaring 2018, Bambang Supriyanto. The number of participants is approximately 75 bloggers.

    Bambang explained that the 2018 Asian Games is centered in two cities, namely Jakarta and Palembang with 40 spot matches. 12 spot matches are in palembang (sports bowling, tennis, rowing, shoting, roles spot and skateboard, etc.) also participating West Java provides 4 spot matches for sport football, BMX mountain bike, bike racing road race, paragliding.

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