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    Landslide Cleanup is Accelerated


    BANDUNG- Cleaning of landslides covering the railway line at some point between Bumiwaluya-Cipendeuy Station which happened on Wednesday (22/11)) At 18.00 WIB, continued to be done by officers either by manual or by using heavy equipment.

    Public Relations Manager of PT Kereta Api Operation Area 2 Bandung, Joni Martinus estimates that land clearing of landslides that occurred at KM 233, KM 230, KM 231, KM 232 and KM 234 can be completed within 6 hours in the future.

    "Because the length of the embankment covering the rails varies from 10 meters to 100 meters with a heap of 1 meter -7 meters, we estimate it can be completed for 6 hours, we hope the speed can be normal," he said.

    As a result of these avalanches, several train travels from the direction of Bandung to the east were forced to be diverted through the Purwakarta-Cikampek-Cirebon-Purwokerto-Kroya line, and vice versa from east to Bandung were forced to be diverted.

    "The trains that the operation of the journey must be turned around are Malabar, Mutiara Selatan, kahuripan,Lodaya, Turangga, Kutojaya Selatan dan Serayu Trains," he said.

    Meanwhile, for the Argo Wilis and Pasundan Trains that were restrained to Bandung, passenger transfer was carried out, where the passengers of the train were transferred to the bus transportation mode. (Parno)

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