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    USAID Prioritas Program Applied for High School


    BANDUNG-Law No. 23 of 2014 regulates the distribution of authority between provincial and local government associated with the high school management.

    Based on the law, provincial government looks like not having primary school (SD) and junior high school (SMP). Therefore, the West Java provincial government hoped a pilot development project to SMA/SMK will adapt the USAID Prioritas program.

    It was stated in the coordination meeting between USAID Priority team and West Java provincial government in Bandung (26/1).

    Edi Mulyadi as head of Education and Culture Bureau of Social Services hoped that according to the provincial govt’s authority, USAID Prioritas program should be developed for senior high school. "USAID Prioritas was a good program, but unfortunately it’s not widely disseminated. So we want this program will be implemented to the high school,” said Edi.

    Pranusetya, the West Java Development Planning Board (Bappeda) staff for socio-cultural said that West Java government concerned on disseminating this program to high school.

    Erna Irnawati, coordinator of West Java USAID Prioritas mentioned the age of USAID Prioritas program ahead will end. She invited the provincial government began to think about strategy should be adopted along with the end of program. According to her, this strategy needed in order to maintain the positive changes occurred particularly at the school,” she said.

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