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    Forest & Cimanuk Garut Watershed Area are Rehabilitated


    GARUT - Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya accompanied by Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar and Garut Regent Rudy Gunawan launched forest and land rehabilitation in Cimanuk Upstream River Basin (DAS), in the village area of Padaawas Pasirwangi subdistrict Garut, Wednesday (22/11 / 2017).

    Forest and Land Rehabilitation (RHL) to restore the recovery of Cimanuk watershed after last year's flood disaster was conducted in three stages: conventional tree planting, sowing through air and agroforesty forest.

    LHK Minister Siti Nurbaya revealed that her side has consistently made efforts to RHL especially in upstream area of Cimanuk watershed.

    "Today with an intensive process and through a long process we can finally consistently carry out efforts to rehabilitate forests and land according to President Jokowi's order," she said. According to her, RHL in the area can be an example for other areas in handling the damaged river.

    "This RHL can be a good example, I appreciate West Java.At that time we all know that Mr. President also back and forth to Garut and the most important ranks of West Java Provincial Government and Garut regency persistent to Jakarta for meetings about this, so our struggle is amazing, "said the Minister.

    In this RHL activity, conventional tree planting is 1064 hectares in Perhutani area and 100 hectares in conservation area managed by Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA). The planting uses an enrichment planting pattern of 625 stems per hectare and 1100 stems per hectare with timber plant species. As for the types of fruits such as avocado, cinnamon, mango and pucung plants.

    The second activity is RHL in the seeding area or sowing 20 thousand seeds and 100 ball seeding using helicopters in the area of Perhutani area of 5400 hectares. Seeds are sown, among others pine, suren, lantorogung and kaliandra red.

    Besides that, land and water conservation development consist of 159 units of sediment control dam and 276 Gully Plug. Also held non-physical activities such as carrying out mentoring, socialization, technical guidance and control. Perhutani also provides productive seeds as much as 300 thousand stems of timber species and fruits and permanent seeds as much as 1 million sticks for the region of arrowroot. Overall this RHL involves and absorb the workforce of 3300 people spread in 8 districts and 27 villages in Garut.

    "My important message is the synergy between the center and the regions, the second RHL we do to keep the erosion and run off. Not to forget it will be taken care of the tree. I am also grateful that West Java already done and always in the atmosphere want to maintain the environment, West Java is already in front handling the environment, please continue, "said the Minister.

    Vice Governor Demiz said, Cimanuk watershed from Garut to Sumedang, Majalengka and empties into Indramayu. In fact, this river became the source of Jatigede water reservoir. Demiz requested that all parties to keep Cimanuk river for the incident of flash flood not happen again.

    "We have to keep this river not to happen again like the incident of flash floods in Garut in 2016 and that is very surprising," he said.

    It has also often socialize 5T movement to community, that is not to cut the trees in the upstream river, not to dispose industrial waste into the river, not to dispose of garbage into the river, not to dispose of household waste into the river and not to dispose of animal waste into the river.

    "So our river really awake because water is the source of life but he could also be a disaster if we do not keep from this upstream river by way of planting trees," he explained. According to Demiz RHL in the upper Cimanuk river is one of the extraordinary steps of the Ministry of LHK and the enormous attention to the environment in West Java.

    "So we have to be guarded not only by the local government but also by the entire community along the Cimanuk watershed should not happen again like the disaster last year," said Demiz. He also expects to the scholars especially in Garut so that in each sermon or khutbah his theme of the importance of protecting the environment from the eyes of Islamic religion.

    "In addition to physically we do activities, but also spiritually there is an enlightenment for the community, especially Muslims in this very large of West Java," he said. While Garut Regent Rudy Gunawan hopes, RHL activity is not solely done because there is a disaster but must be done continuously.

    "It is not only because there is Cimanuk disaster but this environment should be maintained from day to day," he said. Rudy said, Garut has received a warning from BMKG that there are 16 subdistricts with the potential of flash flood. 

    "There are possibly 16 subdistricts with the potential of flash flood caused by the environment that can not absorb water so the water will swiftly down to the urban below, "said Rudy.

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