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    Minister Luhut: Do not Citarum Become a National Disaster


    BANDUNG - Approximately 27 million people enjoy the blessings and even negative impacts of the Citarum River, so if it gets dirty it can become a national disaster.

    The Coordinating Minister for Home Affairs, Luhut B Panjaitan, said that so far, many agriculture and fisheries have been dependent on water supply from Citarum. Unfortunately now the water used is dirty so it will have an impact on agricultural and fishery products.

    "Waste from Citarum enter rice plant or fish, then consumed by society, of course this will be dangerous for the future of nation child," he said in Workshop of Citarum River Arrangement in Bandung, Wednesday (22/11).

    He asserted this Citarum problem is no longer the problem of West Java, but has become a national problem. Thus, coordination has crossed the central government and ministries. It was done so as not to get Citarum to be the cause of the disaster.

    For that he insisted that he had prepared a budget to manage Citarum. Either funds from the government or funds from private aid through CSR. As for the technology, he hopes ITB can provide solutions.

    "Funds Not great if coordinate each other, no need for foreign loans, funds can be used for the program also for the physical development of Citarum handling," he said. Jo

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