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    State Apparatus Utilization of Bureaucratic Reform Minister: Public Relations Government Must Transform


    Destroyed wave in the digital era, especially the spread of hoax now the impact is remarkable. Included in government activities.

    Therefore Public Relations Government, which is not creative will be left by the community. This was disclosed by State Apparatus Utilization of Bureaucratic Reform Minister Asman Abnur at the Synergy Meeting on Information and Public Communication Action (SAIK) in Palembang (22/11).

    "The Indonesian people as much as 132.7 million use the internet, they seek information from all sources to fulfill their curiosity desire.Therefore, Public Relations Government can no longer be in the comfort zone, but in the dynamic moment in which there are demands to be able to transform into the world digital, more creative and innovative, "Asman said.
    Furthermore,State Apparatus Utilization of Bureaucratic Reform Minister reminds Public Relation of Indonesian government which amounts to 2,000 personal when synergize to simultaneously disseminate the message of government, it is believed society will better understand and will participate to every development effort.

    "It is time for government public relations to conduct digital transformation through conventional management approach to multidimensional with the principle of multimedia, multi channel, and multi platform.

    Do not be awkward to use existing tools in accessing and disseminating information, "he concluded.

    At the SAIK event, Dirjen IKP Rosarita Niken Widiastuti in her report said one of the objectives of SAIK is to realize the national information system through the development and development of integrated communications and informatics.

    SAIK 2017 followed by 3,500 participants consisting of Communications and Informatics Office in Indonesia, Public Relations Government, SOEs, KIM, People's Performing Group, Artists, and Community Bloger. (Vit)

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