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    Colored by Rallies, Governors Sets City / Regency Minimum Wage 2018


    BANDUNG - Provincial Government of West Java officially sets the amount of  City / Regency Minimum Wage (UMK) in West Java. Karawang regency to be the region with the largest MSEs, ie Rp 3.919.291.19, and Pangandaran become the region with the smallest MSE, which is Rp 1.558.793.94.

    The quantity of Minimum Wage of Regency / City is stated in West Java Governor Decree No. 561 / kep.1065-Yanbangsos / 2017 on Minimum Wage of Regency / City in West Java Province 2018.

    Head of Department of Manpower and Transmigration Ferry Sofwan Arief, said that the determination of Minimum Wage of Regency / City which has been signed by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan has been in accordance with PP 78 of 2015 on wages.

    "Because as an extension of the central government, so the result should run the central government's decision," he said at Gedung Sate, Bandung on Tuesday (21/11).

    In the determination of the MSE, Wage Council of West Java Province, held a plenary meeting on 20 November 2017. In the meeting, discussed about Minimum Wage of Regency / City proposals from each mayor and regent.

    "We discussed, although there have been proposals for increment that are not in accordance with PP 78 of 2015, but we have decided today," he said.

    Meanwhile, despite the refusal by some unions, it admits that it can not establish outside the rules of the central government that have determined wage increases based on PP 78 of 2015.

    "Although there are friends who refused, but we can not do much, because the rules are based on PP 78 of 2015," he concluded.

    Garut Regency proposes MSE 2018 amounting to Rp1,672,947 from the previous Rp1.538.909, Tasikmalaya regency of Rp1,920,937 from the previous Rp1.767.029, Tasikmalaya City Rp1.931.435 from the previous Rp1.776.686, Banjar City Rp1.562.730 from the previous Rp1.437.522, Ciamis Regency Rp1.562.730 from the previous Rp1.475.792, Pangandaran Regency Rp1.558.793 from the previous Rp1.433.901.

    Then, Majalengka Regency proposed Rp1,658,514 from the previous Rp1.525.632, Cirebon City Rp1,741,682, Cirebon Regency Rp1.873.701, Indramayu Regency Rp1.960.301 from the previous Rp1.803.239, Kuningan Regency Rp 1.606.030 from the previous Rp1.477.352.

    Furthermore, for the city of Bandung proposed the amount of UMK 2018 amounting to Rp3.091.345 from the previous Rp2.843.662, Bandung regency Rp2.678.028 from the previous Rp2.463.461, West Bandung regency Rp2.683.277 from the previous Rp2.468.289, Sumedang Regency Rp2.678.028 from the previous Rp2 .463.461, Cimahi City Rp2.678.028 from previous Rp2.463.461.

    Ferry continued, Depok City Rp3.584.700 from previous Rp3.297.489, Bogor City Rp3.557.146 from previous Rp3.272.143, Bogor Regency Rp3.483.667 from previous Rp3.204.551, Sukabumi Regency Rp2.583.556 from the previous Rp2.376.558, Sukabumi City Rp2 .158. 430 from the previous Rp1.985.494, Cianjur Regency Rp2.162.366.

    Bekasi City Rp3.915.353 from previous Rp3.601.650, Bekasi Regency Rp3.837.939 from previous Rp3.530.438, Karawang Regency Rp3.919.291 from the previous Rp3.605.272, Purwakarta Regency Rp3.445.616 from the previous Rp3.169.549, and Subang Regency Rp2.529.759 from the previous Rp2.327.072. (Even)

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