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    Solution Formulation For Citarum, All Parties Must Contribute


    BANDUNG REGENCY-Commander of Kodam III Siliwangi Doni Monardo, expressed his openness to jointly develop the formulation in formulating the solution of the Citarum problem.

    "We are open to receiving all inputs, responses and expectations in resolving the Citarum River problem. We are not fighting with weapons, but how we fight to keep the ecosystem from destruction," said the Commander during a gathering of Kodam III Siliwangi with environmentalists in Siliwangi Hall Makodam III Siliwangi Bandung, Monday (20/11).

    Commander said that the meeting was attended by more than 60 environmental activists, the ranks of West Java Provincial Government, Regency / City of Bandung, and Cimahi will integrate the pattern that has been done by each, in the effort of handling Citarum

    "The good moment for all of the handling of the citarum river, the Sundanese people have given their own color to the water since 2016 we have cooperated with West Java Provincial Government for handling Citarum watersehd damage," he said.

    He stressed, the State must think about the ecosystem. Kodam has given a view on the need for balance of life, human relationships with god, fellow and nature.

    "But it can not all work without the support of the community itself, because the danger of ecosystem damage the number of victims more," said Doni.

    Meanwhile, the Head of Environment Department of West Java Province Ir. Anang Sudarna., M.Sc PhD revealed that the environmental saving movement in the upstream must be strengthened, to ensure the sustainable development of the living environment and ecosystem.

    "The environment has a very strong relationship with the source of water sustainability, food, energy, health, and air quality, meaning that if environmental problems occur then the effect on all ecosystems, including natural disasters," he added.

    Responding to that Regent Bandung H.Dadang M.Naser, SH, S.Ip., M.Ip who previously expressed his hope that Kodam III Siliwangi become an institution that coordinate all parties to run its role also synergize the program so that the formulation of the solution to the Citarum problem.

    "For a long time, the main problem is the flood of Bandung regency, the Citarum River from upstream to downstream has been done various programs, but the government is not not trying to solve the problem, let us poke together to formulate the solution formulation," explained Regent.

    Furthermore the Regent convinced all parties to be consistent in performing their role so far. Although there has been no significant change added Regent, at least have tried.

    "Priority program policies that will be strengthened are spatial control, rehabilitation and watershed conservation, enforcement of environmental law and massive programs for behavioral change and raising awareness of the environment to be more serious," said the Regent.

    On that occasion, attended the Director General of law enforcement Ministry of Environment Rati Ridho Sani, Founder Citarum Care Irma Hutabarat, Paguyuban Budiasi Yuhan Subrata, Dandim 0609 Regency Bandung Arh.Andre Wira along with staff, Assistant for Economic and Welfare Regional Secretary Bandung Regency H.Marlan, S.Ip.M.Si, Head of Environment Office of Bandung Regency Asep Kusumah, S.Sos., M.Si and his staffs.

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