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    Aher Inaugurates Depok Mayor and Ciamis Vice Regent


    BANDUNG - As the end of the tenure of Mayor and Vice Mayor of Depok in period 2011 - 2016, as well as to fill the vacancy until the next election, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan inaugurated Arifin Harun Kertasaputra as the Acting of Depok Mayor in the West Hall Gedung Sate, Bandung, Tuesday (26/01/2016).

    This inauguration was based on the letter of the Home Affairs Minister Number 131.32-117 of 2016 on concerning the dismissal of the Depok Mayor. The Minister decides and sets honourable dismissal of Depok Mayor Nur Mahmudi Ismail, and the Home Affairs Minister letter Number 132.32-118 2016 on the dismissal of Depok Vice Mayor M Idris Abdul Shomad in period 2011 - 2016 .

    The letter of Home Affairs Minister Number 131.32-119 of 2016 set the appointment the acting mayor of Depok Arifin H Kertasaputra that originally as a Head of Social Department West Java Province.

    "Mr. Arifin assigned as acting mayor of Depok to fill the vacant position. Because the elected Mayor and Vice Mayor has not been constituted. While the term of tenure Mayor/Vice Mayor has expired,” said Aher after the inauguration.
    The acting mayor is expected to ensure the operation of Depok city government goes well. As a rule has been mandated by Aher that said an acting prohibited to personnel transfers, canceling permits issued by Regent/Mayor before, or issuing permits that contrary to previous officials. The acting is also not allowed to make policy on regional expansion and create a policy that is contrary to policy governance and development program officials had previously exception only with the written approval of Minister.
    On the same occasion, was also inaugurated the Vice Regent of Ciamis Oih Burhanuddin. He will be in charge of filling the remaining term of the Ciamis Vice Regent in period 2014 - 2019, after the resignation of Jeje Wiradinata.

    "Based on the Minister of Home Affairs letter Number 132.32-93 of 2016 on concerning the appointment Ciamis Vice Regent, it was decided to authorise Oih Burhanuddin as Ciamis vice regent to fill the vacancy tenure of Vice Regent,” said Aher.

    Aher also handed awards to Nur Mahmudi Ismail and M Idris Adbul Shomad as a sign of gratitude for the devotion when taking responsibility as Mayor/Vice Mayor of Depok on the period 2011-2016.
    This inauguration was presented by West Java Secretary Iwa Karniwa, West Java Provincial Parliament Chairman and Vice Chairman, West Java FKPD, Primary leaders of Depok city and Ciamis district.

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