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    Acceleration of Making Water Retention Pool, Overcome Flood in Baleendah


    BANDUNG REGENCY-As an effort to overcome the disaster (PB) flood, District Government (Pemkab) of Bandung, encouraging the acceleration of making water retention pool. Regarding the solution of flood impact that is happening in Bandung regency, Regent H. Dadang M. Naser, SH., S.Ip., M.Ip, will continue to integrate with BBWS (Citarum River Territory) related to the manufacture of retention lake, which is being do.

    "As for the handling of floods in Baleendah, land acquisition of approximately 8 hectares or as many as 504 fields from the initial record, with a budget of 152 billion which will be used for retention ponds. This pool can accommodate the overflow of river water citarum handled by the Central Government and Bandung regency, "he added.

    Currently, he added, only 33 billion temporarily prepared for the replacement of land acquisition, while for physical activities of about 200 billion and it is expected to be completed in 2018.

    "But when the last data collection, it turns out the total land that was released entirely there are 546 fields of 596 recipients. Land area increased to 8.7 hectares. Around 114 fields and 146 beneficiaries have been released in phase I by BBWS Citarum, the land acquisition of 7,590 square meters with 38 beneficiaries in the later stages, "he explained.

    The Regent stated that the appraisal value will be given to the recipients, the amount will be adjusted to a certain junction, "so each recipient may not be the same," said the Regent.

    Furthermore Regent explained that, in accordance with Regional Regulation No. 2 of 2013 on the implementation of disaster management, Overcome The Disaster is the responsibility of 3 pillars, namely government, business community and society. According to him, it is not wrong if the community is involved in Overcoming The Disaster program and activities.

    "The community needs to be given an explanation, that the responsibility of the Overcome Disaster is not just the government. But there is also the involvement of the entrepreneurs and the community itself. In fact, the efforts made by the district government have been maximized, but there has been no significant results, "said the Regent.

    Handling the problem of flooding in Bandung regency He said, is a common problem. Because since 1980 a flood has hit Bandung at that time. Each period of the Head of Region has its own strategy in the Overcome Disaster. The present regency government regulates disaster prevention measures, such as mitigation of hazard prone areas, strengthening the capacity of communities living in vulnerable areas, as well as meeting the logistical needs of village officials.

    "In accordance with the emergency response status of flood and landslide disaster that was established on 31 October, responsive action to disaster occurrence has been done, namely through Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), Social Agency, Environment Agency, Public Works and Spatial Planning (PUPR ), People's Housing, Settlement and Land Affairs (Perkimtan), Health Office and other stakeholders, "he said.

    Actually, the Regent said, the seriousness of the government in solving the flood, also carried out vegetative control. As one of the steps to overcome the problem of critical land in the Citarum upstream, around 2013 and made leuweung sabilulungan.

    Without ruling out critical land in other areas, added the Regent, the handling of critical land in Kertasari Sub-district is a priority of Bandung Regency Government. This needs to be done, considering that in this region there is a river Citarum whose existence is highly anticipated by millions of West Java residents.

    "If the critical land in Kertasari is not immediately addressed, it will lead to such high sedimentation in the Citarum river flow, therefore I strongly prioritize the handling of critical land in the upstream area at that time," said the Regent.
    Previously, Bandung Regent Dadang M. Naser acknowledged that there is still a land-use function in the upstream area of the Citarum River. Several types of land transfers include the existence of vegetable farming areas in the forest land which is not allowed to be planted with vegetables. Thus, it also affects the survival of the ecosystem and the emergence of critical land.
    "To restore the critical land and to organize the space upstream of the Citarum River, I remind it many times to the people who still plant vegetables in certain sloped lands, to be cooperative in guarding the upstream area," said Dadang M. Naser.
    The government, along with a consortium of sabilulungan, said that the regent has also directed the vegetable farmers to be guided and facilitated, so that they turn the profession into fruit farmers.

    Regent invites to all levels of society and all elements for sabilulungan trying to overcome environmental problems, which will result in disaster. "Because it is impossible for the government to work alone in disaster management. It takes an active role and cooperation of all parties, ranging from prefentive efforts, responsive and rehabilitative, "he concluded. Meanwhile, Chief Executive BPBD Bandung Drs. Tata Irawan Subandi revealed, based on data in the field on November 17, 2017, until at 15:00 pm, the number affected in three districts, namely Dayeuhkolot, Baleendah and Bojongsoang including recorded 362 households (KK), 1.207 people, 138 elderly, 125 children under five, 5 pregnant women, 86 children, 19 breastfeeding mothers and 1 sick person. 

    "As for the physical power, we recorded 4,097 submerged houses, 10 school buildings, 8 public facilities buildings and 27 places of worship," he explained. 

    Then he informs about the average the height of puddles on the highway, so that the vehicle can not pass. Among them are andir-katapang road (50-210 cm) and Banjaran-Dayeuhkolot road (10-50 cm), with fluctuating conditions added, according to rain intensity.

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