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    Banking Continues to Socialize Non-Cash National Movement


    BANDUNG-Bank Mandiri as an electronic money card issuer or E-Money together with Bank Indonesia is very concerned to succeed government program related to Non-Cash National Movement (GNNT), Socialization through seminar continues.

    Like on Monday (20/11), the socialization related to GNNT was presented to students and journalists at Campus Hall of YPKP USB, which was attended by Diah Eka Purwati as AVP Transaction Bankin Bank Mandiri Retail Head of West Java, Chief Supervisor of West Java Bank Indonesia Payment System Hermawan Novianto, General Secretary West Java Aprindo Hendri Hendarta, Head of Indonesian Consumers Association Firman Turmantara and YPKP USB Rector Asep Efendi.

    "We will continue to socialize especially on how to use E-Money, such as paying transactions on Toll Road. If still not many people understand, maybe the socialization is still not massive. So need help from all parties, "said Hermawan from West Java BI.

    Meanwhile, Diah added, Bank Mandiri as E-Money card issuer along with other banks continue to prepare supporting infrastructure especially for the purposes of filling the balance or top up.

    "Bank Mandiri continues to improve EDC machines, for example in the super market. Therefore, the use of electronic money is not only on the Toll Road but also in the retail market, such as supermarkets and others, "he said.

    Meanwhile, USB Rector Asep Efendi added, there are still many people who do not understand in the use of electronic money, so that socialization must continue to be done. jo

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