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    December, Construction of Non-toll Road Access to Kertajati Airport Begins


    BANDUNG-Access of non-toll road development to West Java International Airport (BIJB), in Kertajati Sub-district, Majalengka Regency will be built at the end of this year. Land acquisition that takes a straight line on land owned by the Provincial Government (Pemprov) of West Java is almost completed.

    Head of West Java Transportation Agency, Dedi Taufik, said the physical construction of non-toll road access to the international airport is expected to begin in December 2017. The land that had been inhabited by 1.8 kilometers residents with a width of about 60 meters or 40 hectares has been almost completed . It is on a land of 218 fields.
    "Yes (it is estimated December 2017 for its development) .The land acquisition is a little longer," said Dedi Taufik in Bandung, Monday, November 20, 2017.
    He said the need for non-toll budget of around Rp 77 billion is absorbed from the West Java provincial government's budget is currently underway auction stage. The auction is conducted by the central government in this case the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR). "The process is now carried out tender (auction) by the central government," said Dedi.
    President Director of PT BIJB Virda Dimas Ekaputra stated similar. The non-toll access that becomes the main infrastructure in Kertajati Subdistrict, towards the airport lane is ready to be done physically considering the land acquisition is almost complete. Construction will be done by the central government directly.
    "Non-toll road access has been budgeted around Rp 77 billion and the construction is done by the central government in December, there is already payment," said Virda. As for access toll connected directly with Cipali is estimated to be done in 2018 where the allocation prepared by West Java provincial government as much as Rp 120 billion.
    Kertajati Airport, whose physical development progress has reached 67 percent with soft launching target of April 2018, it is believed that Virda can be completed simultaneously with other infrastructure such as non-toll access. Related weather that is often rain, according to him it has been included in the calculation for this access can be completed according to the target.
    "It's been a matter of four months, it's already out of the question of the weather, so it's there, so December is so (physical development)," Virda said.
    The progress of the airport so far worked out in three packages for the land side is still within the specified time corridor. Until last November 5, infrastructure development by PT Adhi Karya Tbk was near perfect or 98.7 percent.
    This one package alone includes the airport infrastructure workmanship that is, roads, drainage, parking landscape and ramp interchanges. By the end of November this work is estimated to be 100 percent.
    Furthermore, the two packages include the construction of passenger terminal building which is done by PT Wijaya Karya (Wika) and PT Pembangunan Perumahan (PP), the work achievement has reached 53.8 percent. The scope of the developer is in the form of interior, main roof, eletrical and plumbing, roof boarding lounge, bird eye view and ACP com architecture.
    Some of the interior facilities of three-story terminal is also quite encouraging. Based on facts in the field the first floor area has been physically 95 percent. The area is more quickly completed because it is built in parallel and not affected by the weather. Facilities that will be given PT BIJB in commercial terminal area that is aircraft simulator, miniature airport, toruism galery, quite room, VIP lounge.
    The terminal area is currently focusing on mounting the roof located on the third floor. The roof with a 96-meter stretch is quite challenging because of the shape that resembles a peacock's tail as an airport icon. The main passenger terminal roof structure uses a mega span system with membrane cover.
    "The roof material is already there, the method of workmanship that used to be two now four.It's two now three sides, now two shifts are now three," says Virda.
    As for the package of three includes the construction of operational buildings that work on PT Waskita Karya is almost close to 90.8 percent. PT Waskita is given responsibility to work on airport operational support facilities such as incenerator, meteorology, ground water tank, regional road, sub station and airport fire safety device.

    Shifting to the readiness of runway is the most important means for take of and landing of the aircraft, which will be expanded to 3,500 meters by the Ministry of Transport currently progressing to 90 percent. With the length of the runway confirmed that the presence of BIJB can be landed wide-bodied aircraft.

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