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    Eight Journalists Won the West Java Journalist Photo & BNP Award 2017


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government through Public Relations and Protocol Bureau of West Java Provincial Secretariat in cooperation with Bandung News Photo (BNP) held Night of West Java Journalist Photo and BNP Award 2017. This year event was held at West Hall Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street No. 22, Bandung, Sunday (19/11/17) night.
    In contrast to the previous year, there were only six categories, West Java Journalist Photo and BNP Award 2017 announced eight categories, namely Governor Choice, Citizenship Journalism, Events, BNP Award 2017, Sports, Environment, Art and Culture, and Story Category.
    Head of Public Relations and Protocol Bureau of West Java Province Sonny Samsu Adisudarma who read the speech of West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) welcomed the award ceremony for photographers of both amateur and professionals in West Java. West Java Journalist Photo Award is one of West Java Provincial Government appreciation toward journalism and citizen photo journalism.
    "Through this activity, it is expected to spur the photo journalists to produce quality photojournalism work and for the community is also encouraged to produce photos that have positive news value as well as contribute to photographing programs, policies, natural potentials and culture of West Java Province, "he said.
    Through this photo contest, West Java Provincial Government also wants to increase the role of mass media as the spearhead of information dissemination. It is important that the media can objectively photograph and provide social control over the pace of development, as well as the potential of West Java more widely through the work of photojournalism photos produced.
    Meanwhile, when met on the sidelines of the Head of Public Relations and Protocol Bureau of West Java Provincial Secretary Sonny Samsu Adisudarma added, with the photo - whether the photos of journalism work or the results of public capture, could be a means of comparison. Photos become a means of information about the pace of development, complementary aspects of accountability, and forms of transparency for the community.
    "The government needs a documentation, it needs a comparison. For example, we are currently focusing on improving the Citarum River, its origin (photo) full of garbage continues to be done by West Java Provincial Government with TNI and the results are photographed again. Well that, as a means to see progress, "said Sonny.
    Going forward, West Java Provincial Government will continue to commit to support the implementation of the event of Photo Journalist Award in West Java by expanding its segmentation. "Because the photos also greatly support the tasks of public relations. West Java's Gudang artists, including photo artists. Of course need an appreciation that will certainly continue to spur our spirit to continue to work better, "said Sonny.
    There are 77 participants who sent photos to the organizing committee this year. The total number of photos collected was 732 photographs or increased significantly from the implementation of the first Photo Journalist Award in 2015 with the number of photos collected by 300 photos from 53 participants. And the following winners list of Photo Journalist and BNP Award 2017:
    1. Category of Governor Choice: Usep Usman Nasrulloh - Photo Title: Lepaskan Anak Panah (Pikiran Rakyat),
    2. Categories of Citizens Journalism: Muhammad Zulkarnaen (Depok),
    3. Event Category: Putra Muhammad Akbar - Menolak Tilang (Republika),
    4. Category of BNP Award 2017: Arif Hidayah (Pikiran Rakyat),
    5. Category of Sports: Bambang Prasethyo - Fokus (Inilah Koran),
    6. Environmental Category: Fauzan Kesuma - Pemusnahan Hewan Langka Ilegal (Pewarta Foto Lepas),
    7. Art and Culture Category: Okri Riyana - Penari dan Topeng (Radar Cirebon), and
    8. Category of Story: Arif Hidayah - Untitled (Pikiran Rakyat)

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