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    Creative Industries and Tourism Can Succeed for PON 2016


    BANDUNG-PON 2016 implementation targeted to succeed the social economy community. It can be boosted through the creative industries and tourism that has developed in West Java. It thus disclosed by Assistant Economic of West Java Secretariat, Deni Juanda in his statement to jabarprov.go.id, Tuesday (26/1).

    According to Deni, in order to succeed PON 2016, the physical development is targeted completion in June 2016, while the succeed of economic community can be writhing in June
    or December 2016 to be maximum realised.

    Stretching of creative industry is not expected within the short term for PON 2016 merely, but more of that in the long term.

    To reached that target, Deni was expected that 16 Districts/Cities that used as venue for PON 2016 to soon prepare the creative industries and its tourism potential.

    Technically, the entire of economic community potential will support the activities of PON managed by advisor team.

    In the tourism sector need to be prepared a cultural and tourist industry approaches supported by good service, and documentation as well. It was great ideas for tourism geared to admire the natural conditions and packed the folklore in community, as Sangkuriang.

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