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    Angklung Sound is Echoing Sunday Morning at Gedung Sate


    BANDUNG-Hundreds of school children from elementary to high school simultaneously play angklung in the yard of Gedung Sate Bandung, Sunday morning (19/11).

    Massive angklung performance was held in the framework of the 7th anniversary of the designation of angklung as an inheritance by Unesco objects.

    "This is a proof that Angklung continues to live in its community, otherwise Unesco will revoke his confession," said Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar who was also present.

    Therefore Demiz hopes angklung is not only alive but continues to grow to provide benefits and results.
    "To grow there must be innovations, such as combining angklung with other music, or creating digital angklung etc. In addition to developing, innovation is expected to have an impact on the economy" he said.

    According to Demiz Angklung should also be introduced to the younger generation early on. "So it is precisely when the angklung players are all school children, so they are proud and having sense of belonging then preserving it " Demiz said. (Even)

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