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    Perpetrators of Drinking Givers on Animals in Safari Park Confessed Regret


    BANDUNG-In the 60-second video that had become viral in social media (medsos) seen a man was giving a drink that allegedly liquor to some animals in Taman Safari Indonesia (TSI) Bogor regency of West Java. As a result of that action, the two perpetrators were treated bad from netizens and admitted regret for the behavior.

    Alyssa Dwi Fitri Amanda admitted, there is no intention to give a bit of alcohol to the animals in the Safari Park. In fact, she is ready to accept the logical consequences of their idle actions.

    "We have no intention of hurting animals, we are also ready to accept the punishment, maybe we are kidding very much, I'm sorry and will not repeat again," Icha told reporters in Bandung on Saturday (18/11/2017)

    Icha greetings Alyssa said she and her colleagues brought liquor, but not for consumption in the place, but at his home. He also admitted, before there was no intention to visit the Safari Park.

    "We have events at Puncak, while waiting for time and also jammed, we come to the Safari Park, before, there is no intention to come there," said Icha

    In line with, Philip Biondi, What is done and visible in the video, just a spontaneity, there is no intention at all to harm the animals.

    "I am very sorry and apologize to the people of Indonesia, especially to the Taman Safari Indonesia management," said Philip

    Meanwhile, the attorney of two drink givers of animal liquor in the TSI, Ali Nurdin said, the presence of both clients who are involved or seen in a video show viral in social media due to provide beverages in animals in this TSI will attend or visit the Bogor Police before getting invitation summon examination.

    He mentioned, both clients reported to TSI Bogor Police due to viral video that provides beverages in animals in the Safari Park.

    "So before the police make a call or issue Sprindik, both of my clients have agreed to come to the Bogor Regency Police to give the actual information," said Ali

    The plan of the two clients will come to the Bogor Police Station on Sunday (19/11) or Monday (20/11). Both are ready to undergo the examination, confronted with the TSI or even accept sanctions in accordance with applicable law.

    "They have admitted if this is a mistake and they are ready to be checked and ready to accept legal sanctions," said Ali

    Previously, some time ago a video showing the ignorance of a number of visitors while in Taman Safari Indonesia, viral in the community.

    In the first video, they seemed to be giving carrots to the deer, but instead put the allegedly alcoholic beverages as seen from the bottle brand. In the second video, they spray the alcohol into the hippo's mouth.

    This video reap criticism from citizens and society, because the behavior is considered inappropriate and embarrassing. Got this criticism, the two people in the video apologized and regretted having done the act.

    While giving the drink, they are in a car. Seen animals such as hippos, deer, and zebra horses became victims of their fad. (MAT)

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