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    210 Members of Empowerment and Family Welfare (PKK) are Trained to Defend The Country


    GARUT-Not less than 210 members of the Subdistrict Election Committee (PPK) from 42 Subdistricts in Garut Regency follow the orientation and implementation technical guidance of the Simultaneous Regional Head Election in 2018.

    What is unique about this activity, in addition to the technical material for the election, it is also filled with state defense education, centered at Infantry Battalion (Yonif) Raider 303 / Setia Sampai Mati (SSM), Cikajang Subdistrict, Garut, Friday (17/11) . This event could be the only one in Indonesia which was held by the General Election Commission (KPU) by entering the state defense education.

    According to the Secretary KPU Garut regency, Drs. Ayi Dudi Supriadi, S.IP., M.Si, for three days (17 s.d.19 / 11) they were physically and mentally trained as part of character building and nationalism spirit in the members of PKK. Dudi said that this activity aims to introduce the working environment for PKK members as an ad hoc agency, so PKK that works for 9 months is expected to understand and implement all stages of the implementation of elections 2018. "This activity is also used as a vehicle to improve mentality in the face of elections simultaneously" said Ayi Dudi Supriadi during the opening ceremony.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of KPU Garut Regency, Hilwan Fanaqi, said the activities held for three days by entering the state defense education is expected to strengthen the soul of korsa togetherness of all the PPK in Garut regency, so that the Regional Head Election 2018 in Garut regency achieve success without excesses.

    "You are appointed to be a member of PKK not for fun, but to work hard sincerely, smartly and thoroughly", he said before 210 PKK members, including five who were sworn in following four people declaring resignation and one man unable to attend the initial inauguration for ill reasons. "So you know, four people who are inaugurated today, because they are resigned because they are subject to rules that should not double the work from the current workplace, so we are not the one who stopped, but the original workplace that does not allow duplicate work", he asserted after inaugurating 5 members of PKK.

    The opening of orientation and technical guidance of Simultaneous Regional Head Election Implementation in 2018, attended by KPU commissioner of Garut Regency, Head of Data Utilization and Service Innovation in Civil Registry and Garut Regency Office, Drs Tedi Sutandi, Head of Politics Agus Saefudin, and instructors from Infantry Battalion Yonif) Raider 303 / Setia Sampai Mati (SSM).

    The activity was also filled with resource persons from West Java Provincial KPU, Garut Regency KPU, Nation Unity and Politics Garut Regency, including motivational material by Kang Acil Bimbo.

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