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    TNI Commander: Lifestyle Changes is A Threat of Nation in the Future


    BANDUNG-General TNI Gatot Nurmantyo assess lifestyle changes that occur in the future will be the threat of every country in the world.

    This was expressed by Gatot after giving a scientific oration with the theme "Understanding Threats, Realizing the Self of Capital Creating Indonesia Become a Winning Nation" at Unisba (Bandung Islamic University) Campus Bandung, Saturday (18/11/2017).

    Gatot said his presence at Unisba was to provoke all students to educate them to be fighters, scientists and aware of future changes.

    "I'm here just to be a provocation so that my friends have the soul and spirit to study, not just one science," said Gatot.

    Based on the theory of Thomas Malthus and Peak Oil Theory said the population growth in the world will be a threat for every country. The reason, will affect food security and become a threat because of reduced food for one person needs.

    Gatot said the current population of the world reached 7.5 billion people and 24 years ahead, it is estimated the population will grow to 12 billion

    "In Malthus's theory, the population increases as a series of measurements, while the availability of food increases as a series of counts.The Malthus theory is also strengthened by a statistician named Laurance Smith who said population growth in the world is growing rapidly," explained Gatot.

    He considered the threat of a future country is no longer the issue of energy needs alone. However, the threat of need for food security, the economy, and natural resources will be a future war.

    Indonesia became one of the targets of other countries. Because, Indonesia is one country that is in the equator with all the natural resources.

    "The war was because of energy needs, now the threat of war turned into an economic war in terms of food security and natural resources," said Billy

    TNI Commander added, various forms of attack or chaos of a country in trying to seize food needs. He asked Indonesia not to be used by third parties. Given, in 2020 Indonesia will have 130 million people or about 69 percent of productive people who can build the nation's economy.

    "This amount must be fulfilled with the requirement to get quality education so that this young generation can defend the country of Indonesia So, Do not want to be destroyed," he concluded. (MAT)

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