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    Diabetes Cases in Bandung is Still High


    BANDUNG - The number of diabetes mellitus disease cases in Bandung continues to grow. Chief Medical Officer of Bandung dr. Rita Verita said, data from 2012 to 2013 alone there is an increase of nearly 10 thousand cases.

    "In 2012 the data show 21 thousand more and the next year as many as 30 thousand more cases of diabetes melitus" said Rita on the socialization and education of prediabetes for doctors public health center in Bandung, Thursday (16/11).

    According to Rita diabetes mellitus disease in Bandung ranks fifth in the number of cases. "The sequence of stroke, elderly and heart disease" he said.

    Given the high number of cases of diabetes mellitus, Rita said in all public health centers in Bandung now there is a special service handling diabetes, because from the side of age also diabetic disease has suffered by young age.

    "At the health center recently there is a special service to treat diabetes for all ages, diabetic patients are still 15 years old now" he said.

    Meanwhile, Head Of Reaserch Center Nutrifood, Susana said, her side initiated the socialization of prevention and treatment of prediabetes in doctors of public health centers in various cities including Bandung.

    "We do this primarily to allow doctors to perform early detection of prediabetes while checking or serving patients, and to educate the community more carefully and understand the content of the foods and drugs contained in the packaging," he explained.

    Approximately 150 health center doctors join education handling prediabetes at City Hall of Bandung on Thursday 16 November, on cooperation Nutrifood, Ministry of Health and Health Office of Bandung. (Even)

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