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    Enjoying the Beauty of Legend Land Story in Kriya Products in PKJB 2017


    BANDUNG-Culture typical of every province in Indonesia should be preserved. One of the results of regional culture that needs to be developed is the handicraft product. West Java (Jabar), which consists of 9 cities and 18 districts, has many handicraft products that can be seeded not only in the archipelago but also in the world arena.

    To introduce a superior handicraft product from West Java, the Regional Handicraft Council (Dekranasda) of West Java held a Central Java Handicraft Week (PKJB) 2017 which took place on 16-19 November 2017 at Main Atrium Lotte Shopping Avenue, South Jakarta. This event is a collaboration between West Java Dekranasda with the Government of West Java Province and the Office of Industry and Trade (Indag) West Java.
    PKJB was opened by Vice Chairman of West Java Dekranasda, R. Giselawati Mizwar. This event is held every 2 years and in this year there are 30 exhibition booth filled by craftsmen or SMEs from 27 cities / regencies in West Java.

    Chairman of the Committee PKJB 2017 Hendra Gunawan said PKJB 2017 theme "Kriya Tanah Legenda", the visitors can enjoy the story of legend through craft art created with high-level skills by craftsmen. In every product on display also contains an artistic expression of cultural love from its makers.

    "Every city or district in West Java has a different story of legend, because the resulting handicraft products have the attractiveness and uniqueness of each potential to be more appreciated again not only in Indonesia but also in the international world. Through this West Java Handicraft Week we want superior handicraft products from West Java can be known more widely by the community, "he said.

    West Java handicraft products are displayed among other textile products such as batik cloth and woven that is applied in the form of clothing and other fashion products. Then there are also accessories made of metal, shells and beautiful stones. A variety of handicraft products from leather, woven rattan and bamboo are also presented here. Pottery and ceramics in the form of tools and many other products in various designs can attract the attention of visitors who love to use local products in their daily life.

    In addition to daily wear, many unique West Java crafts that can be collected like wooden sandals and beautiful umbrella. Visitors can also beautify the interior decoration of the house by displaying handicrafts such as glass lanterns, musical instruments, wooden displays, and other decorative elements that can be obtained in this event.

    "Awareness to be proud to use local handicraft products should continue to be implanted, as it is part of preserving the nation's art and culture values and a form of appreciation for the wealth of the archipelago. We hope that with this event West Java handicrafts can be viewed as part of the lifestyle of the urban today. By using the handicraft products in the country, we contribute to encourage the handicraft industry to be more advanced and developing and improve the welfare of craftsmen in the country. "Continued Hendra Gunawan.

    In addition to exhibition of handicraft products, PKJB also held various talk shows and workshops that make visitors can feel the interactive atmosphere during the exhibition. Acoustic music performances, angklung / arumba, karinding, and traditional dances of West Java are displayed to entertain visitors. Also held a coloring competition for pottery and cutting boards for children. Meanwhile, local Indonesian coffee lovers can enjoy a typical West Java coffee corner at this event. PKJB 2017 also held Awarding Night, namely the event of West Java Handicraft Ambassador Elections .

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