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    In Exploring Indonesia, West Java's Products Welcomed by Moroccans


    MAROKO-West Java Provincial Government participated and became the country's representation in the Exhibition of Explore Indonesia (EI) in Morocco. This exhibition is a potential international promotion event for West Java in order to introduce various potentials and develop market access for superior West Java products to Africa and Middle East region.

    Assistant Regional of Administration West Java Secretariat M Solihin who became Chairman of the Delegation of West Java explained EI held in two places, Marrakech (10-12 / 11/17) and Agadir (14-15 / 11/17). "This opportunity is certainly not wasted to capture buyers from the Middle East and Africa, by bringing some art teams and 11 types of SME products," he said in Marrakech Morocco on Tuesday (14/11/17) local time.

    Among them are handicraft products, leather products, and jewelry; footwear products; coffee and tea products; muslim fashion; culinary products; air transportation; tour and travel; and banking. According to the information received by the West Java Public Relations, Explore Indonesia (EI) at the Marrakesh Mall Tower has closed by the Indonesian Ambassador to the Moroccan Kingdom and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, E.D. Syarief Syamsuri.

    Solihin disclosed, Throughout the three days of implementation, the public appreciation is very high. EI is generally divided into segments, namely cultural performances, exhibition of products and commodities and culinary, which presents a variety of Indonesian traditional cakes. Six entrepreneurs of West Java (Anggia Handmade, Tegep Boot, Coffee Entrepreneur, JK Collection, Batik Komar (batik), Wonderful (batik), and Tinyuh Coffee) managed to get high attention and buyer on the title.

    "The plan of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia to create a cafe that serves coffee from West Java in particular and Indonesia generally because the people of Morocco have a habit of coffee and having tea every day can even have hours and every coffee shop there are never empty of visitors. This is a very good opportunity to market the West Java coffee in a more professional and interesting here, "said Solihin.

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