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    Bandung Zoo Plans to Release 40 birds of Buffalo Starling


    BANDUNG-A total of 40 birds type Buffalo Starling will be released by the manager of Bandung Zoo, on Saturday (18/11) in the vicinity of the Bandung Zoo.

    Bandung Zoo Communication Manager, Sulhan Syafi'i stated, this release as part of the campaign to beautify Bandung City in particular and West Java in general with wild birds singing.

    "The release of birds as a form of Campaign to support for the Silent Forest Eaza program," Sulhan said, to www.Jabarprov.go.id, Wednesday (15/11).

    Sulhan hopes, with the release of this bird will keep the city environment better and comfortable, both for the citizens of the city and for the birds that are in it.

    "The Buffalo Starling that we loose is ours, because it's too much so we release to nature," he said.

    According to Sulhan, Buffalo Starling birds are released more female because in nature currently more males so it is expected the birds are looking for each partner.

    "I hope after the release there is no society who deliberately to catch it and the sale and purchase, 'he said. (Parno)

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