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    Doddy Herlando: Let's Arranging Plan with Existing Data in Central Bureau of Statistics


    BANDUNG-Sustainable development is a must so that the impact can be felt prolonged, without disturbing environmental conditions.

    This was raised in a workshop on Suistainable Development Goals (SDGs) held by the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) of West Java, at PHH Mustofa Street Bandung, Thursday (15/11).

    Head of West Java BPS Doddy Herlando said, SDGs is a continuation of the MDGs are targeted to be realized in 2030.

    "Development, including in Indonesia, to the regional level must align with the SDGs program, all countries are the same, because this is a global program," he said.

    He said the SDGs are still formulated by the government and targeted by the end of this year is finished, so next year has started slowly implemented through the regional action plan.

    Doddy said, there are 169 targets that must be achieved until 2030, everything will be resolved if all parties work well together. Your Own BPS will help by providing valid data that can be translated by regions in developing sustainable development plans.

    "All must go together, no one left. Problem data is in the BPS, let's together make a plan with the data in the BPS, "he said. jo

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