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    The Path of Bandung Dayeuhkolot is Back Hampered


    BANDUNG - Main street Bandung-Dayeuhkolot is back obstructed due to flooded. As a result the road was totally unavailable vehicles both cars and motorcycles.

    Flood as high as approximately 40 CM or adult calf was pooled since Tuesday night.

    "This is the highest in the last week because previously it was often flooded but not up to this level," said Dede, a resident of hamlet 09 urban village Andir who was met at the flood location on Wednesday (15/11).

    The impact of the Dayeuhkolot flood was a vehicle that usually passes Dayeuhkolot diverted to Cijagra which connects Bojongsoang-Baleendah. As a result, congestion is undeniable.

    "Since the morning of this badly jammed, even many bus transport employees who turn off the engine because the vehicle can not move for a long time" Bery said one of the road users.

    Based on the observation until Wednesday afternoon at 12.30, congestion still occurs on the Cijagra Bojongsoang road, while floodwaters have not shown any significant decline. (Even)

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