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    Kodam III / Siliwangi Command Stick Switched to TNI Major General Doni Monardo


    BANDUNG - Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar hopes to Commander of Military Regional Command (Pangdam) III / Siliwangi currently occupied by TNI Major General Doni Monardo, together with his staff to keep in synergy with West Java Provincial Government and Regency / City Government to build a better unity based on the spirit of mutual learning, mutual care, mutual love.

    "Let's build a better synergy and unity between soldiers of Military Regional Command III / Siliwangi with local government with the basis of the spirit of mutual learning, mutual care, mutual love," said Deddy when giving speech at the separation event Commander III / Siliwangi, in Grha Siliwangi Bandung, Tuesday ( 14/11/17) night.

    As it is known, Maj. Gen. Doni Monardo has just been sworn in as Commander III / Siliwangi to replace Maj Gen M Herindra who is now moving as Pa Sahli Tk. III International Relation Field of TNI Commander.

    Deddy revealed, one of the agenda of West Java provincial government is solving environmental problems. According to him, there are 10 cities and regencies in West Java that are prone to floods and landslides in this rainy season.

    "Currently there are 10 cities / regencies in West Java which is prone to disaster during the rainy season, it shows there are problems in the environment and behavior, I think we can work together to finish the job," he said.

    Deddy was optimistic it will be realized under his command who has a myriad of experience and understand with the condition of West Java because coincidence was born in Cimahi 54 years ago.

    "God willing, Mr. Dodi is very understand the condition of West Java and it is very concerned about environmental issues," he said.

    On that occasion, Deddy also expressed his gratitude to Maj. Gen. M Herindra because during the 13 months served as Commander of the III / Siliwangi, many achievements were made and continued to support various local government policies.

    "Thank you very much to Mr. Herindra for his dedication, hopefully his devotion becomes additional charity worship and a valuable provision for the task at his new place," said Deddy.

    The new Commander III / Siliwangi TNI General Dodi Monardo affirmed his determination to advance West Java and dedicate his energy, thoughts and experiences in the interest of the people of West Java.

    "I promise as much as possible to devote what I have for the benefit of West Java," said the former of Commander XIV Hasanuddin.

    According to Dodi who half his service as soldiers spent in the region of West Java and Banten, unlike other regions of West Java Province has a very strong character.

    The area directly adjacent to this capital city also has strategic value in ecosystem aspect. He explains, there are two mountains namely pangrango mountain and halimun salak which water flows into the north through the Jakarta area.

    "This means that if people of West Java can not maintain their ecosystem then there will be 10 million inhabitants of Jakarta are overwhelmed because the water is polluted," he said.

    This is the case with the Citarum River that streams down hundreds of kilometers and feeds millions of West Java people.

    "Why do I discuss this problem, as a nation that wants to go forward and compete in global level, so what to do is how to create public health among others supported by environmental preservation behavior," said Dodi who also served as Danrem 0601 Suryakencana.

    Meanwhile, Maj. Gen. M Herindara had a deep impression during the position of Commander III / Siliwangi. I fell in love with West Java, Herindra plans to settle in Bandung with his family after retirement

    "A lot of beautiful memories, frankly I fell in love with West Java and have planned that retirement will settle in Bandung," he said.

    He also apologized to the people when there is action from him and his soldiers are less pleased.

    "We are sorry if there is a word and behavior is less pleasing in the hearts of West Java people during his service, or there are actions of soldiers who are less pleased, please pray for blessing in a new place later," said Herindra.

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