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    Here's How Minister Susi Prevent Fish Theft


    BANDUNG-The government will continue to prevent illegal fishing in Indonesian waters. One of the efforts made is to prevent even drowning foreign ships that do illegal fishing.

    Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of Indonesia, Susi Pudjiastuti said thousands of foreign ships that do illegal fishing it turns out fuel comes from Indonesian subsidies.

    "They stole fish in our sea, they do not realize that fuel has been subsidized by Indonesia," said Susi after giving a public lecture at Pasundan University campus of Bandung on Tuesday (14/11/2017)

    Anticipating the emergence of fish theft in Indonesian waters, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of Indonesia (KKP) took the initiative to invite several Ambassadors (Ambassadors) such as Thailand, Vietnam, China, Philpina, Australia and Malaysia.

    "I also know illegal fishing involves several countries, I invite them (Ambassador-ed) to lunch," said Susi

    Susi revealed in the meeting, Indonesia which has the second largest territorial waters in the world but the export of fish and the number of fishermen every year is declining. He asserted that illegal fishing includes criminal acts of theft rather than cooperation between bilateral relations between countries.

    "You know the Syrians are a little populated but they have a high value of fish export If there is a fish theft in Indonesia then we will be a failed country .. Fish theft is not cooperation between countries but criminals," said Susi

    The minister from Pangandaran, West Java, also proved based on satellite photographs before December 2014 how crowded Indonesian waters are filled with foreign ships such as Java and Papua seas.

    He also appealed to foreign ships through the ambassadors of these countries to promote the maritime economy by not committing fishing in Indonesian waters.

    "I ask for their cooperation to promote Indonesia by stopping illegal fishing If they do not want to, they have to deal with me," he concluded. (MAT)

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