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    Minister Susi: The Future Sea of the Indonesian Nation


    BANDUNG-Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) is committed to realize the waters of Indonesia as the future of the nation, especially in the field of economy.

    Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Indonesia, Susi Pudjiastuti said Indonesia has three pillars to be obeyed namely sovereignty, sustainability and prosperity.

    "This sovereignty is not just an act of drowning foreign ships, but that is Indonesia there is being supportive or skeptical about the action," said Susi after giving a public lecture at Pasundan University campus in Bandung on Tuesday (14/11/2017)

    Susi said the act of sinking foreign ships that stole fish in Indonesian waters had a positive impact on maritime economic growth.

    Evidently, after a year of sinking the vessel then profitable other SOEs, one of which PT Pertamina which recorded a surplus. The reason Indonesia has 10 thousand ships with fuel 5 liters per day with the use of approximately reach Rp 80 trillion.

    Drowning of this foreign ship had an impact on fish stock increase to 6 million tons or equivalent to Rp 6 billion and able to save import cost around Rp70 trillion.

    Susi added Indonesia is also able to increase fish consumption from 36 kg to 43 kg because fish is easier and cheaper easily available. While fish imports fell by almost 80 percent.

    In the 2003-2013 survey the number of fish, fishermen and exports fell while imports rose. Now, Indonesia as the country with the largest sea area number two in the world has been able to increase fish exports about 90 percent, "said Susi

    "If the calculated its increase only reached 1.750 million tons and that's what is called populist industry, especially the industry of fisheries entrepreneurs," said Susi

    Susi admitted This condition is not supported by all parties. There are some who are skeptical of this program, they continue to lobby representatives of foreign ships to illegal fishing in Indonesian waters.

    According to Susi, illegal fishing has been coordinated internationally even in addition to stealing their fish also performs smuggling of illegal goods such as electronics, cigarettes, liquor and drugs.

    "They also supply illegal goods to rebels such as Aceh, Poso and elsewhere even back to their home country they bring rare animals from Indonesia," he concluded (MAT)

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