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    Aher Inaugurated Tasikmalaya Mayor


    BANDUNG -West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan inaugurates Tasikmalaya Mayor Budi Budiman and Vice Mayor of Tasikmalaya Muhammad Yusuf, who is the Mayor and Vice Mayor elected results of the election simultaneously 2017, on Tuesday (14/11) at West Hall Gedung Sate Bandung.

    In his inauguration speech, Ahmad Heryawan advised that the Mayor and his Vice Mayor should work without having to have a transitional period.

    "Just step on the gas immediately ... because Mr. Budiman is serving earlier, so I do not think there should be a transitional period let alone adaptation yes, except the pack of his deputy, because it's new, but it can go as I think" said Aher.

    In addition Aher also advised that environmental problems are considered because it involves the continuity of life.

    "The issue of this environment must be seriously considered, because its impact on the survival of life should be a major concern because it affects all the people's livelihoods" said Aher.

    In addition, Aher also asked the elected mayor officials to pay attention to the field of education and health. These two areas are very important to improve the welfare of the people, Aher added.

    The inauguration of Mayor and Vice Mayor of Tasikmalaya at Gedung Sate was also attended by officials of Provincial Government and Tasikmalaya City. (Even)

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