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    Empowerment of Mosque-Based Communities


    BANDUNG-Mandiri Syariah is campaigning on BSM Program of Flowing Blessing that invites all stakeholders including customers and employees to create added value in business so that the added value can provide greater benefits to the community in need.

    Area Branch Manager of Mandiri Syariah Bandung, Dimas Al-Ichsan said that until September 2017 Mandiri Syariah has issued a budget of BSM Program of Flowing Blessing of Rp15 billion distributed by more than 400 Mandiri Syariah outlets throughout Indonesia.

    "September 2017 Mandiri Syariah has issued a budget of BSM Program of Flowing Blessing of Rp15 billion," he told reporters in Bandung recently.

    Dimas explained in order to encourage the empowerment of Mandiri Syariah mosque in collaboration with Amil Zakat Bangun Sejahtera Mitra (BSM) Institute to hold Community Empowerment Workshop Mosque Based.
    This training is a series of BSM Flowing Blessing program which is one of BSM and LAZ BSM Umat Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. Mandiri Syariah wants to play a role in making the mosque as a means of Community Empowerment.

    Dimas assessed so far the existence of a mosque in the middle of society has a strategic meaning to improve the spiritual, educational and socio-economic community.

    "In line with the BSM CSR implementation pillars of spiritualism, nationalism and prosperity, we are concerned with the management of mosque management that should be done professionally" said Dimas.

    The training was attended by 42 representatives of 42 mosques built by Branch Offices and Region IV / Jawa 1 BSM in West Java. During the training, participants will gain an understanding of mosque empowerment strategies and financial management of the mosque.

    Meanwhile, Executive Director of LAZ BSM Umat, Rizqi Okto Priansyah explained the purpose of the training to make every mosque in BSM working environment as the center of all activities, so that in need of increase capacity of mosque management in arranging mosque activity.

    "Currently there are only 2 mosques from a total of 850,000 mosques in Indonesia that have received ISO 9001 certification. Previously we held similar training in Yogyakarta, Insha Allah after Bandung, we will conduct similar training in other cities" explained Rizqi.

    Rizqi said that through this training, he wants to play an active role in supporting the mosque towards ISO 9001 certification.

    "Hopefully in the future the management and operational of the mosque can be a center of community activity so as to be an efficient mosque to the more prosperous people," he concluded (MAT

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