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    Book Review "Defending Islam, Defending Humanity"


    BANDUNG-Ansor Youth Movement West Java dissects a book themed "Defending Islam, Defending Humanity," the work of Fajar Riza Ul Haq who is a young intellectual Muhammadiyah.

    The event was attended by the Chairman of the Center for Youth Movement (GP) Ansor, Luthfi Thomafi, Nahdatul Ulama Scholar Asep Salahudin, GMNI Abdel Yuhana Scholar and Muahammadiyah Scholar Hendar Riyadi.

    Chairman of the Center of Youth Movement (GP) Ansor, Luthfi Thomafi said in terms of title of the book is very interesting appointment. The essence of defending Islam is to defend humanity because Islam is basically humanity. This is in accordance with the GP Ansor program that brings the concept of Islam to humanity.

    The content of this book represents a moderate view of Islam that seeks to find a solution to what happens to Muslims.

    "The title is very interesting because basically Islam is humanity," he told reporters in Bandung, Friday (10/11/2017)

    According to him if there are Muslims who do violence in the name of religion then certainly not fully understand the concept of Islam.

    "Indeed Islam can not be contrary to Humanity," said Lutfi

    Furthermore Luthfi added from this book the author wishes to convey his concerns in accordance with anthropological-social studies. So there must be a learning or a massive education in facing these conditions.

    "This book is one way to explore more about Islam," said Luthfi

    The author of the book "Defending Islam, Defending humanity," Fajar Riza Ul Haq explained to the book more about the life of Muslims in Indonesia in social, religious, social and political aspects.

    "More or less this book photographed the trip for the past 15 years," said Fahar

    The various messages contained in this book are closely linked to the issue of Islamization and the latter nationality that often arises. One of them related to Jakarta Election case. In addition there is the mobilization of Muslims in various actions took to the streets.

    "All this time I saw no clash even in line with the commitment between the Islamization and the Indonesiaan.But lately there are symptoms to divorce it, so people defend Islam as will have nothing to do with nationality," said Dawn

    Whereas in the historical context of the nationality of two mass organizations namely Nahdatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah there is wisdom that has developed with the commitment to Islamization goes along with the commitment to Indonesia.

    "So our defense of the nation is of interest to our Islamization," he said

    Even there are some groups who want to establish a state based on religion or establish sharia formally in state institutions.

    Fajar added the message to be conveyed through this book is that defending Islam can not be separated by the commitment in defending Indonesia, also the values of humanity.

    "This is in line with part of our commitment that Islam Rahmatan Lil Alamin," he concluded (MAT)

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