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    Netty Remind the Importance of Nutrient Intake


    BANDUNG-Chairman of the family welfare movement (PKK) West Java Province Netty Heryawan attended to the National Nutrition and Food Day event with the theme "Waktunya Peduli Tubuhmu dan Lingkunganmu" with the West Java Regional Child Forum in SMAN 1 Bandung, Sunday (24/1).

    Netty revealed Indonesia is currently experiencing in critical point where children in 14 provinces have experienced stunting (inhibition of brain development due to malnutrition) as much as 35 percent and 18.8 percent of obesity.

    "We should be aware of what we consume by managing diet, reduce snacking, less fast food, less carbohydrates and multiply proteins to stay healthy and strong," she said.

    Netty also reminded the daily habits such as breakfast which impacted on body and intellectual development.

    "Breakfast is very important before doing activity, especially for students so that become easily understand the knowledge gained at school," she continued.

    Head of the West Java Women Empowerment Child Protection and Family Planning Agency (BP3AKB), Dewi Sartika said in addition to 5 Sehat 4 Sempurna (Healthy Five, Perfect Four) compliance should also be considered food nutritious balanced. A healthy food is free from harmful substances.

    Chairman of the Nutritionist Association Council West Java DR. Supaman explained this event is a series activities in commemoration of the 26th National Nutrition and Food Day on 25 January 2016. it’s as a commitment together in an effort to meet nutrition through education and socialisation to the community.

    This event was attended by Chairman of the Nutritionist Association Council West Java, Head of BP3AKB West Java Province, head of health department West Java Province, dr. Alma Luchyati, Principal of SMAN 1 Bandung Cucu Saputra, students of SMAN 1 Bandung and visitors at Car Free Day. In addition to the socialisation was also held joint exercises, nutrition examination and entertainment.

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