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    The Government Must Take Firm Action Against The Violent of Islam Image Actor


    BANDUNG-So far, it is still found the fact that the injured image of Islam by doing acts of violence in the name of religion. Although those who do only a person or a handful of people alone but will cause negative impacts for other Muslims.

    Chairman of the Center of Youth Movement (GP) Ansor, Lutfhi Thomafi said the state in this case the government must take firm action against the violent actor in the name of religion.

    "The point of religion is counter to the nature of humanity is a form of failure of the people in unifying the concept of revelation with reality," he told reporters in Bandung, Friday (10/11/2017)

    He considered that people who understand religion should not be silent to see the action. Through the various media that exist today can provide a good understanding of the true nature of Islamic religion.

    According to him if there are Muslims who do violence in the name of Islam is done against Muslims and other ummah then it certainly does not come from Islam.

    "Because any religion on earth is impossible to teach contrary to humanity," said Lutfi

    Lutfi said, as a nation of Indonesia should be grateful to have diversity of tribes, cultures including religion. The existence of Islam in Indonesia is in synergy with the mindset that exists in the archipelago. But Muslims in the country can not be silent when he saw his brother fellow Muslims hurt in other countries.

    "Although we are different ethnic groups and religions but Islam in Indonesia is able to protect it all," he concluded. (MAT

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