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    Entrepreneur's Message For Young Generation


    BANDUNG - Welcoming Heroes Day, Darul Hikam high school Bandung provides motivation for the students to have high morale in order to continue the nation's development.

    Motivator and entrepreneur in the field of digital marketing Gazi Al Ghifari said this activity aims to have high spirit students and clear life goals.

    According to the son of dai Abdullah Gymnastiar (Aa Gym), the young generation is still trapped in various problems of life as it still prioritizes instant culture and does not want to proceed. Even they are too busy with the world of gadgets and social media. For that, it takes the role of parents to always guide their children starting from the family environment.

    "They are often facilitated by their parents so that the fighting power is low and wants instant instantaneous," he told reporters in Bandung, Friday (10/11/2017).

    In giving motivation to the students Gazi applies the pattern of friendship so that they can protect and embrace the students so that they can prepare themselves in facing the future.

    "So not as a teacher but as a friend who can protect and embrace that life in the outside world should be better again after the education in school," said Gazi.

    In addition, there should be good controls such as not being too emotional and depressing children. "From that prayer can reflect good words for his children, including with his teacher also must exemplify a good thing," said Gazi.

    With regard to heroes day, he advised to always appreciate for the services that have been given by the hero because if there is no role of hero then Indonesia will not be born into the face of this earth. The services of these heroes can be a special motivation for the younger generation.

    "In essence, at least we must be a hero for ourselves and bring a good impression for the environment and our families," he said.

    Meanwhile, Vice Principal Students of Darul Hikam High School Bandung, Dian Hidayati said the motivator of these alumni as a trigger of the spirit of the students who are still educated in Darul Hikam.

    These alumni are considered to be able to surpass various obstacles in running their business. These alumni go to various fields of business such as property, media, production house, cattering and fashion.

    "They are the heroes of this school, who have raised the name of Darul Hikam High School, even a hero who can keep his good name, until they graduate can keep the good name of his alma mater," he concluded. (MAT)

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