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    Vice Governor of West Java Asks Young Generation to Adopt Heroism


    BANDUNG - Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar appealed to the young generation to adopt the values of heroism.

    This was expressed by Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar after attending a pilgrimage ceremony in the framework of Commemoration Day West Java Heroes Day at Cisarra Hero Cemetery Park Bandung, Friday (10/11/2017)

    Demiz greeting Vice Governor of West Java, the young generation must be built with the values of heroism in every field. It is in accordance with respect for the services of the heroes who have defended and fought for the sake of the nation and state.

    "This is a generation we must build as a tribute to the heroes who have contributed to the nation and also encourage the heroic values in every field," said Demiz

    Demiz assessed the pilgrimage ceremony for these heroes as well as an attempt to commemorate and honor the services of heroes at the same time can also inspire the life of the nation to continue to commit to the values of heroism.

    "The point is how to respect and commemorate the services of the heroes and this activity inspires us to remain committed to the heroic values because this nation needs a generation that has the characteristics of the hero in building the country," said Demiz.

    Furthermore, former actor General Naga Bonar is said so far still found a variety of things that are radicalism that threatens the life of nation and state.

    "I think this can be countered by the nature of the fight so that the younger generation avoid the disaster and become the threat of this country in the future," he concluded (MAT)

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