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    Heroes Day Ceremony 10th November West Java Province Level


    BANDUNG-Heroes Day Ceremony 10th november West Java province level, took place at 08.00 on Friday (10/11) at Gedung Sate Bandung yard. West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan acts as a ceremony coach and there are also representatives of Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar, regional leadership communication forum officials, and echelon II officials in West Java Provincial Government.

    On the occasion of this flag ceremony, the Governor read out the speech of the Minister of Social Affairs. Social Minister Khofifah Indar Parawansa in his speech explained that Heroes Day that we commemorate today is based on the greatest battle in the history of world decolonization history, the "Battle of 10 November 1945" event in Surabaya. An event that shows to the international world how the Indonesian people of all races, tribes, religions, cultures and various specialist forms of class - together merged to pledge, move and surrender their lives, the souls of their bodies, to defend Indonesia's independence.

    The spirit of our nation that we also remember today in the Heroes Day is a nationalism based on universal humanity and not narrow nationalism. A nationalism by which Bung Karno pledged that "My Nationalism is Humanity". A nationalism affirmed in Speech of June The birth of Pancasila that nationalism can only flourish in its gardens of internationalism.

    Explained Social Minnister Khofifah, Internationalism can flourish if rooted in the earth of nationalism. The principle is built by a high philosophical foundation that we are not selfish beings but social beings that come together as one nation, the Indonesian nation. In the life of a nation we realize ourselves also that we are part of a large family of mankind.

    In the second millennium we are witnessing a major transformation in international relations among the nations of the world. We are witnessing an era expressed by journalist Gideon Rahman in 2016 about the dawn of a new global shift in which the progress of world civilization is called the Easternization era.

    In this era of global progress, Asian countries are regarded as the new poles of the advancement of civilization in the world. Hence the unity of Indonesia is not only an imperative that we have to care for as a nation but beyond that Indonesian Unity is a prerequisite for us to be part of a growing power, the rising force along with other nations that are currently in the spotlight of progress such as China, India and Korea to become new towers of torch bearers of humanity. Bringing a new light that guides the progress of the world based on the values of Godhead and Humanity are in line with our country's basic values of Pancasila.

    After the flag ceremony at Gedung Sate, the Governor and Vice Governor, along with other esselon officials perform the pilgrimage to Cisarra Hero Cemetery. In Cikutra Heroes Cemetery, Governor and Vice Governor do sow flowers in the graves of former governor of West Java, including the grave of Yogie S Memet.

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