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    West Java Bank Indonesia Wins Award from ICSB in an effort to support the progress of SMEs in Bandung


    BANDUNG - Bank Indonesia West Java won an award from the ICSB or International Council for Small Business, Namely a non-profit organization of the world that has a goal to continue management education for entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises.

    The Council was established in 1956 to help increase the knowledge of small and medium enterprises to succeed and to give economic and social impacts to the prosperity of a country.

    The membership of the organization consists of 4 main pillars including, academician, Researcher, Policy Maker, and Bussiness Practitioner. There are currently 80 chapters of countries that are members of ICSB including ICSB Indonesia as newly established affiliates.

    ICSB Indonesia supported by the Ministry of Cooperatives of Small and Medium Enterprises of the Republic of Indonesia again held the 2nd edition of Gebyar UKM Indonesia 2017 which was attended by 18 cities in Indonesia.
    The event was entitled "Saya Indonesia, Saya UKM, Saya 4.0" and this topic map- SME Road, 4.0 Professional, Productive, Creative, Enterpreneurial. Takes place at RRI Bandung office, Thursday (9/11).

    This event is also supported by various parties who have concern for the progress of SMEs Aiming to strengthen the entrepreneurship of the behavior of Indonesian SMEs that are high competitive, appear confident to face increasingly competitive competition at national and global level. The award was received by the Head of West Java BI Group Ismet Inono submitted by the head of department of SMEs West Java Province Dudi Sudrajat. Jo

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