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    West Java Contributes Largest National Food Security


    BOGOR REGENCY-West Java Province is considered still the largest contributor in achieving national food self-sufficiency and national rice stock providers.

    This was said by the Head of Food Security Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture, Agung Hendriadi, while attending the 37th World Food Day celebration of West Java level at Pakansari Cibinong Bogor area on Thursday (09/11/2017).

    "We aspire to 2045 Indonesia as a world food barn and I am sure West Java is currently the biggest contributor to the achievement of our food self-sufficiency," said Agung.

    According to his record, West Java is the largest food buffer for DKI Jakarta. About 25-30 percent of national animal protein is also produced from West Java and accounts for 40 percent of national horticultural commodities.

    "And that is not less important West Java is the largest national rice donors, not only that but also the national food stock in this case rice, our appreciation for the local government and the perpetrators of agriculture in West Java," he said.

    He is also proud of the perpetrators of agriculture today is dominated by the younger generation.

    "We see so many young people who have produced quality food products on display here, it is very proud," he said.

    According to him, the 37th anniversary of HPS West Java should be emphasized that rural development can be one of the efforts to empower the young generation with productive efforts in the field of agriculture in a modern and innovative to realize Indonesia as a world food barn.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), who directly opened the 37th anniversary of HPS West Java, said that the warning is not merely a ceremony, but rather to encourage and commitment to continue to build food security.

    "Not only food security but also sovereignty because the food produced must come from our own," he said.

    The biggest food potency, especially staple food, namely rice is located in the northern part of West Java. Here, 80% of the wetland and the rest are collected in the central and southern regions of West Java.

    "So in the context of food-based food security is mostly in the north," said Aher.

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