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    BKPRD Only Recommends 84 Ha For Meikarta


    BANDUNG-Coordinating Agency Spatial Planning Area (BKPRD) West Java finally recommends 84 hectares of land that may be developed by Meikarta in Bekasi. Chairman of BKPRD who is also Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said, the extent is according to the proposal from the Regency of Bekasi itself.

    "Only 84 more hectares of which we recommend, as proposed by Bekasi Regency, so there is not that up to 500 hectares as much talked about, the land where 500 hectares" Demiz said in an opportunity in Bandung, Thursday (9/11).

    According to him, the developers also do not mind the decision, because it is in accordance with the rules.
    "They accept, no objection, because we do according to the rules, and again the area is including the Strategic Area of West Java Province, so we have the authority to arrange and supervise" he said.

    Demiz added, as long as the rules for the Provinces are no problem with any developers. (Even)

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