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    37th World Food Day, Increase Food Security


    BOGOR REGENCY-Commemoration of 37th World Food Day West Java Province Level took place at Pakansari Stadium Bogor Regency on 9 s.d 11 November 2017. The theme of this year's event is "Together with Young Generation Building Sustainable Food Security". The event was opened with the report of the chairman of the committee namely the Head of Food and Livestock Service of West Java Province, Dewi Sartika.

    In her report, Dewi explained some activities that lasted for 3 days and attended by approximately 3000 participants and invitees. The financing of these activities using West Java and Bogor Regency Budget Expenditure.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) in his speech said that West Java Province is presented as the most fertile province in Indonesia, therefore it is natural that food security is better. Aher considers that West Java has no problem with food security.

    A number of food excellence is found in West Java whereas the area of rice field is less than East Java or Central Java which is 9000 hectares but its productivity is high. About 40 horticulture products are produced in West Java, while 70 percent of national tea commodities are produced in West Java. For that with these achievements, Aher invites the people of West Java to improve food security for the better.

    "Let us improve our food security for the better and the food sovereignty we build together," Aher said in his speech.

    Furthermore Aher said that the food is assessed by the pattern of food hope (PPH) whose perfect value is 100. West Java still has not reached it. Of the 9 foodstuffs PPH, vegetables and fruit groups are far ahead of the carbohydrate group.

    "We have to change our food consumption patterns into B2SA that is Diverse, Nutritious, Healthy and Safe," continued Aher in his speech.

    For the sake of a smart generation, Aher invites young people to do the balance in food consumption by reducing carbohydrates (rice) and multiply vegetables and fruit.

    Aher emphasized that food security and food sovereignty will occur when the existence of agricultural resilience, agriculture exists because of the existence of farmers and farmers present with the supporting sectors.

    "Let us present agriculture not as a livelihood but a culture," he said.

    In his closing speech Aher said that a great nation is the nation that manages his farm because no matter how food is the most important part of life.

    The 37th HPS event was inaugurated with a drum beating jointly by the Governor of West Java, accompanied by Members of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia Bogor election Area, Head of Food Security Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture, Bogor Regent, Regional Head Bogor, Head of Food and Livestock Service of West Java Province and Netty Prasetyani.

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