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    Agriculture Research Distributes Free Chilli Seeds


    BOGOR REGENCY-Always sought and has a high selling point, chili is much sought now. Agricultural Research of Agricultural Ministry distributed 5000 free chilli seeds to the exhibition visitors to Commemorate World Food Day West Java Province Level at Pakansari Stadium Bogor (9/11). Nani Suarni from the Indonesian Center for Agriculture Research explains that people can grow chilli in small pots, in the yard of the house and do not need a large area for household needs. By distributing chili seedlings for free, the Ministry of Agriculture hopes people can grow their own chili at home, so they do not always buy chili in the market.

    "So at any time the supply of chili is limited and the price goes up, people do not need to be confused because they have chili seedlings at home, just how to keep and care for the seedlings," said Nani.

    Nani explained, during the rainy season like this supply of chilli is limited, although already using organic fertilizer, chili production continues to decline due to weather conditions.

    "If many people who successfully plant chili we expect the price can be pressed in addition to getting healthier agricultural harvest because it is generated from the our yard. And the seeds that we distributed this 3 months can be harvested, "continued Nani.

    According to Nani, chili seedlings program is one part of the program of giving 10 million chili seedlings distributed through the program of Sustainable Food House (KRPL)

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