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    Demiz Will Assess Air Pollution at Cimahi


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) will examine the issue of air pollution in the area of Cimindi Cimahi.

    "Let me see first, how is the situation," said Demiz after attending the graduation ceremony at Unpad Bandung Campus on Wednesday (8/11/2017)

    He admitted so far he has not received a report from the Head of the Environment Office (DLH) West Java Province Anang Sudarna.

    "So far I am not yet getting reports from Mr. Anang, usually quickly report to me," said Deddy.

    Air pollution in Cimindi, Cimahi was previously visited by the local government (local government) but until now still occur. Responding to that condition, Vice Governor of West Java confirmed that it should be stopped immediately if local authorities have told even commemorate the polluters air pollution.

    "If the local government has notified but air pollution still occurs, it must be stopped immediately," said Vice Governor of West Java.

    In case of violation, continued Vice Governor, must first be sought the party issuing the company's license. If there is a violation it must be suspended, because air pollution can damage human health.

    "The obvious must be stopped temporarily while being studied, If left unchecked it will damage human health.I'll try to search the data first," he concluded (MAT)

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