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    West Java Kwarda Scout Got MURI Record Through 'Body Percussion' Performance


    BANDUNG-Chairman of the Regional (Kwarda) West Java Scout Movement Dede Yusuf said, in the event of Raimuna XIII West Java Year 2017, in Letjen (Purn) DR (HC) Mashudi, Kiarapayung, Jatinangor, Sumedang Regency this time, scout to participate in breaking the MURI record through the action of 'body percussion'. Not even closed the possibility to set a world record.

    "This is the sixth Muri record we get, and we can also set the world record for making the biggest percussion body by 8,000 participants at once," said Dede in his official statement on Wednesday (8/11/2017)

    In this once-five-year celebration devoted to scout level enemies and pandega will be filled with a number of activities outside of scouting activities. Carrying the theme of "Achieving Generation that is Competitive for Development of the Country, this event is intended to answer the challenges of the times.

    Dede said, if to copy-paste the previous implementation, scouts will not think out of the box. Moreover, the 16-25-year-old boy scouts enter into productive age, and must be prepared for the challenges of the times, the greatest being jobs.

    "We are trying to answer the challenges of the times by improving the ability to get, seek, even prepare for jobs," said Dede.

    To that end, a number of activities that introduce unique employment opportunities are held by his side, which are incorporated into the Lifeskill Zone. Not only that, in facilitating the young workforce, especially the Boy Scouts members, it holds a job fair that works in cooperation with the provincial and district / municipal labor agencies. However, because the implementation of the labor market should take place in an outdoor space, this event is held in Ikopin Campus not far from the location of Raimuna.

    With this activity, it is expected that enforcement scouts can gain insight and prepare themselves for the world of work. However, it does not leave their scouting spirit. Moreover, a number of scouting activities will still be done to foster the soul of the competition.

    Earlier, Chairman of the National Scout Movement Adhyaksa Dault Scout appreciate this activity. The reason is, this activity is the largest compared to the implementation of other Raimuna, because about 8,600 representatives of West Java attend at the venue. Moreover, Raimuna now carry the theme Competing or Drowning.

    "The Scout Movement is an appropriate container for the young generation's mental revolution," he concluded (MAT)

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