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    Preserving Culture, BCA Presents Wayang For Student


    BANDUNG- PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) held a series of "Wayang for Student" activities for 700 Santa Angela High School Bandung students and 1,240 24 State High School Bandung.

    The performances and workshops with the theme of "Cepot Goes To School" for 1,940 students and girls from the two schools are invited to know the wayang more deeply through a 1 hour long Wayang Golek show performed nicely by Dalang Asep U.S. Hudaya. In addition, the students can also follow 3 pieces of workshop, namely gamelan / karawitan, dance and angklung.

    BCA's Senior Vice President of CSR Sapto Rachmadi said his side continues to prove its commitment to preserving wayang as a culture full of moral values. He realized that the students are the young generation who will continue the existence of wayang as the richness of Indonesian culture.

    "This is what prompted us to present puppet activities in the middle of the young generation, such as Wayang for Student today," Sapto told reporters in Bandung, Wednesday (08/11/2017)

    "Wayang for Student" is part of Bakti BCA's cultural activities, which is under the umbrella of "BCA untuk Wayang Indonesia" program, which is held to educate and introduce wayang as one of Indonesian culture recognized by UNESCO to the young generation of Indonesia.

    This activity was designed not only to introduce wayang to the young generation through wayang performance but also held a workshop followed by the students.

    "Various activities related to this puppet we packed in an interesting way. We hope this series of performances and workshops can foster the interest of young generation in the art of wayang culture, "said Sapto

    A similar activity has been held in Semarang which features the Wayang Aku Awesome theme. About 800 students from 6 schools in Semarang attend workshops and exhibitions and training for 20 hours. After attending the series of activities, 200 students were involved in the performance and 600 others watched the performances of their peers.

    Meanwhile, the Principal of Santa Angela Bandung High School, Lucia Tri Istanti, revealed that this activity is in harmony with the vision of the school mission to instill the love of the nation's culture, especially the wayang Golek which is characteristic of West Java culture.

    According to Lucia, by attending the workshop, the students will be more familiar with puppet characters. In addition, by studying the arts of Sundanese will give birth to the love of the nation's culture.

    "The existence of this activity is expected to give birth to the love of the students to the nation's culture," he concluded (MAT)

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