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    Vice Governor of West Java Earned Master Degree with Satisfactory Value


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar successfully earned a Master of Science degree of Government from Padjadjaran University with a satisfactory value.

    Deddy Mizwar earned a score of GPA of 3.54 with title of thesis Implementation Policy of Utilization Control of North Bandung Area as Strategic Area of Province.

    "So the problem of North Bandung Area so far is a bit messed up so we are the object of research is North Bandung Area," said Vice Governor of West Java to reporters at Unpad Campus Bandung, Wednesday (11/08/2017)

    Deddy Mizwar admitted that until now the knowledge gained from Unpad will be implemented in the Provincial Government (Pemprov) of West Java. One of them, Vice Governor becomes Chairman of Coordination Board of Regional Spatial Planning (BKPRD).

    "As a strategic area of the province, Insha Allah therefore now I am chairman of BKPRD," said Vice Governor.

    Demiz admitted in completing the thesis for two years experiencing obstacles that is the division of time between himself as Vice Governor of West Java and Unpad students. However, he succeeded in completing the thesis by working on the weekend.

    The process of thesis work, continued Demiz by using interview method and FGD.

    "Working on the thesis of many obstacles one of them is time because I also have to do the tasks as the Vice Governor of West Java.Alhamdulillah Saturday-Sunday can do later also the method and interviews FGD and takes all, until the thesis almost two years," said Demiz.

    He hopes that the thesis he's working on this time can be useful and learned by others. In fact, he also plans to finish his doctoral studies in Unpad by taking Government Science.

    "We hope that the written thesis can be learned by others and can be re-examined because the science is basically endless In the future, God willing, S3 list in Unpad is also the same science of government, we must be grateful every day, Insha god it comes the benefit also, "he concluded (MAT)

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