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    Veteran Gets Discount 100% to Use Train on Heroes Day


    BANDUNG-Coinciding with Heroes Day, PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) gives awards to all members of Legion Veterans of Indonesia (LVRI) in the form of 100% reduction tariff.

    LVRI members can use the train for free on Friday 10 November 2017 (starting at 00:01 GMT) for long-distance and medium-range railway (PSO / public service obligation) as well as commercial trains a total of 192 railway journeys.

    President Director of PT KAI (Persero) Edi Sukmoro through a press release said the special service can only be done by ordering all ticket service stations by giving photocopy of LVRI member card.

    Outside November 10, KAI continues to apply the reduction tariffs for LVRI members which have been applied at 50% on Tuesday through Thursday except for other holidays / public holidays and busy days set by the company, and 30% on the day Friday to Monday and other holidays / public holidays and the busy days set by the company.

    For LVRI members who already have long-distance train tickets and medium distance both subsidized rail and commercial train departures on November 10, 2017 can take a 100% duty refund at the destination station or arrival station by handing over a ticket or boarding pass at the station counter up to 3 (three) days after the scheduled arrival of the relevant passenger train.

    For the record, the ticket may be canceled but can not be changed reschedule and can not be combined with other reductions or discounts. During the boarding process, passengers are required to show the original LVRI member's signature card. Jo

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