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    Aher Will Boost Port in Subang


    BANDUNG-After boosting several development in West Java, Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) wants to speed up the construction of international port in Subang.

    Previously was planned the port will be located in Cilamaya, Karawang then agreed to cancel at the beginning of 2015. Now the central government has established locations in Subang, precisely in Patimban Beach, District Pusakanagara.

    According to him, these port development process is currently in the stage of feasibility studies (FS) that fully carried out by the Ministry of Transportation. The provincial government will become the managing partner of development as has happened in some previous monumental project.

    "I think we will be supported in terms of regulation and oversee implementation," he said in Pakuan on Saturday (01/23/16).

    Nevertheless, Aher admitted has not yet obtain the details of construction costs by the central government. But he promised to be proactive to Transportation Ministry for asking the detail of FS development to immediately inform the public through mass media.

    According to him, the majoring concern of the West Java provincial connectivity in this port development is increasingly robust development in West Java, so that the vision of becoming the most developed provinces in Indonesia can be realised.

    On the other side, community services of West Java in particular and Indonesia in general will have improved because of the mobility of goods and people are easier both in the mode of land, air, and sea.

    "Certainly, we will no longer depend on Tanjung Priok anymore. West Java have contributed for nearly 60% of Indonesia's manufacturing, but for the sending process always depend on Tanjung Priok, it impacted on the economic increase in Jakarta," he said.

    With the port development in West Java believed to be easier in delivery process for the manufacturing industry in West Java, it can also suppress the high economic cost. In terms of productivity, the exports through West Java's port was projected increasing by itself.

    Moreover, the transport from the port planned will be carried out in Subang canal system through Cibitung-Bekasi marine/port, so the logistic transportation will be easier and cheaper.

    "In addition to the growth of micro-economy, in terms of the macro economy, it would be an increase of the GDP (gross regional domestic product) and LPE (economic growth). During this time, the production process occurred in West Java but the exports process through Tanjung Priok port, thus impacted on the contribution to Jakarta which is considered from GDP and LPE," he concluded.

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